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Meet author Meleisa Betts (3584 hits)

Meet author and publisher Meleisa Betts

"HONESTY is liberating, LIES are condemning and things that are kept within are potentially maddening!"

I am Meleisa Betts, an author and owner of my own publishing company "Neighborhood Publishing". I am single, currently living in New Orleans LA., however, I was born in a small town in the state of Alabama called Monroeville. My only child is my darling dog, my peekapoo, MaryBell. ( A peekapoo is a cross between the Pekingese and the Poodle)

I have always had a need to share and communicate my thoughts to others. I am an accomplished member of "Toastmasters" which filled a need to convey my thoughts somewhat, yet it did not allow the opportunity for me to reach a broad audience. I felt as though I had an important message that could help people.

We all have stories and a belief that ours are capable of sustaining book and movies yet how many lives actually are living morals; examples of what NOT to do and the consequences of those actions? I felt and still feel that there are many people living secret lives with things that they dare not share for a fear of being judged. My mission is to prove to the reader that the best therapy for the soul is not a psychiatrist (although counseling is a necessary process in many cases) but rather blunt force honesty; a raw openness and truth.

Fundamentally a psychiatrist makes the patient talk about his or herself, and in revealing those intimate truths the patient feels better. Why must we wait until the psychiatrist asks us to before we can be honest with ourselves? We give ourselves aspirin for a headache or an antacid when our stomach is upset; then why can't we give ourselves a little "self-revelation" therapy? That is my approach to "How I Made The Angels Cry". It is 100% truthful but I chose to use a principle of "shock and raw". What this means is, I wanted to leave my life exposed and threadbare, not filter or edit the book for an audience but to tell the honest truth.

Before I decided to always be forthcoming, I was living a shell of a life, frustrated, confused and basically a farce. However since changing my perspective to one of complete honesty and openness it has been an altogether different life for me, one which is free of pretense and pressure to be SOMETHING. I now simply am.

I want the book to stand as testimony to future readers that LIES only escalate, and have to be escaped, yet the truth has to be told only once, and it stands on its own. The best therapy for a troubled conscience is for one to be completely honest with the one person who matters most on planet Earth: Yourself.

"How I Made The Angels Cry" is a memoir based upon my actual experiences in an improbable life, and only the names have been changed to protect the anonymity of the persons involved in the book. It is indeed graphic and discusses s*xuality and manipulation of people and circumstances in an open forum that many dare not to attempt. In fact few authors have written in such open and graphic detail, as I have left my life completely open to the judgment of others. I accept this wholeheartedly and if this method helps others to escape their own demons and unlocks the door of emotional imprisonment, then I have succeeded.

I hope that by writing such an open discourse that I can encourage others to be as open in discussing their own fears and desires rather than keeping them simmering below the surface like a pot ready to boil over. HONESTY is liberating, LIES are condemning and things that are kept within are potentially maddening; Again, that IS why we have psychiatrists, is it not?

Through my book "How I Made The Angels Cry" I hope to offer an example of how being honest can save a soul. --written by author Meleisa Betts

Book: How I Made The Angels Cry by Meleisa Betts
Publisher: Neighborhood Publishing
Pub. Date: April 2009
ISBN-13: 9780615290508

"Meleisa Betts has written a soul-searching memoir in order to release her demons, and the depression associated with personal trauma. With her narrative, therapeutic approach, she emancipates herself and her readers--taking us from desperation to inspiration. What a liberating ride!" --Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant, Multimedia Psychologist, Contributing Relationship Expert, Essence Magazine, and author of "The Best Kind of Loving"

Publisher: Neighborhood Publishing (April 1, 2009); ISBN-10: 0615290507; ISBN-13: 978-0615290508

Buy the book at: Barnes and or order from your local bookstore, distributed by Ingram Book Group.

Posted By: EDC Creations
Saturday, September 19th 2009 at 11:37AM
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